United State of American Woman Looking for Sugar Boy – $8,000 Weekly

Yes! You read that right. A 35-year-old Woman is searching for a sugar son that is capable of satisfying her, who she says, she will pay $5,000 weekly.

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Miss Remi is a Black American who has stayed in the United States of America throughout her lifetime. Immediately after her education, she was so brilliant; she got selected in one of the best IT companies in US and is earning huge with this company.

us based sugar mama for Nigerians

But she is lacking something Important, and that is, a serious Boyfriend. Miss Remi has date a few guys, and she noticed that almost all her exes are playboys or after her Money, no matter how she generously buy them cars for gifts and other things. So, she want to date a Nigerian guy, who will love her for who she is, and not what she have.

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This is the message she sent us via Instagram, which we thought you would love to see.

Hi there Stella, I got to know your connection service through Instagram, and decide that you should probably help get me connected too. My name is Remi Frank, and I am currently looking for an athlete sugar son. I live in the US and would love to visit Nigeria one day. I stay in my own house in the US, meaning I have my own privacy.

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I am ready to take any Nigerian guy who I think is my missing rib, to come stay with me in the US. You can come through Student Visa, but marrying me will grant you the green card.

But that is not the problem, all I need, is a man that is not seeing the Millionaire I am, but a guy who will love me as HIS woman, treat me right and shower me with love.

If you think you are the right man for me, please drop your contact details, I would sincerely like to pick the guy My heart chooses.

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